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INTERNATIONAL YOGA ACADEMY TRUST, RISHIKESH. Courses Offered (regular , distance and online ) :- all naturopathy , Yoga courses & other are running -

A:- Massage Certificate.
If you would like to become an massage practitioner and train with IYA you will receive training which is thorough and of extremely high quality, leading to a our academy recognised qualification.

Once qualified, you can further your knowledge by enrolling on advanced courses offered by IYA. Certificate can join the IYA practitioner association, which is able to make referrals to the public. It also provides professional insurance through a centrally negotiated scheme Unit : Human anatomy, Massage Therapy, Hygiene, Public Health, Method of Nature Cure in Health Disease, Diet Therapy and natural and ayurveda massage methods.

B:- Certificate in Naturopathy & Yoga Techinque/Science.
Unit - I:
Human anatomy, Yog darshan, Principal of Nature cure Yogasan and its usage in Health & Disease Nutrition & cooery, Diet Therapy , Method of Nature Cure in Health Disease Fundamental of Ayurveda & importance of Indian Herbal's Hygiene, Public Health, Yogic kriyas & cleansing acts (shat karmas) , Massage Therapy and all natural therapy.

Unit - II
Methods of Nature cure : Fasting - definition - classification - Dry fasting - juice fasting - their method - benefits - precautions Raw diet - Vegetables and their combination Values of food Importance of Nutritive Diet : Definition classification of food - combination of food - Balance diet - yogic diet is Naturopathy food.

C:- Certificate in Meditation/ Pranayama.
Subject : Unit - I
Pranayama - Definition - Meaning -Basic concept of Pranayama - Puraka, Kumbhaka, Reaka and their ratue - techniques of Nadi shuddhi - sitali - ujjayi - and their lenefite. Mudras - Definition - explanation - Principles - Precaution - types - technique and benefits of yoga Mudra and Maha Mudra - Nadis.

Unit -2
Meditation - definition - Meaning - benefits - Precaution - candle meditation technique and benefits, kriyas - Definition - meaning - Classification - Methods of practicing of Jala Neti and Vamana Dhoti and other - and their benefits.

D:- Drop in classes / retreat yoga course.

E:- Yoga Therapy and Naturopathy treatment/Classes for Physical and psychological disease / illness.

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