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One of the most fundamental principles of the tradition of yoga is to become absorbed in the teachings: philosophical, theoretical and practical.

At IYC, this tradition is adhered to. Dr. Amit Negi, founders of IYA,Trust rishikesh feel a great discomfort at the prospect of any kind of self-promotion. It is this conformity to the true spirit of yoga that has enabled him to impart a comprehensive approach in their yoga classes.

There are many places in India where a seeker may pass through briefly with one eye on the next stop on their yoga journey. This centre is for committed students of yoga.

Applications for admission are completed via the website. Several yoga students return to the centre year after year. Accommodation is available through a billeting system within comfortable homes a few minutes walk from the Yoga Centre.

Dr. Amit has played a significant role in the introduction of yoga to the Indian school syllabus. Besides, he work with various projects involving Health , cultural and environmental conservation. The three week - 2 month ,long courses are popular with international students. These courses are conducted five to seven times each year. There are on-going classes for local residents and occasional short courses for beginners. Asana, pranayama , kriyas , meditation and yoga philosophy and all yoga introduction are taught.

Dates for Training
November 8 - November 30,2014 This course consists of twenty-two lessons of asana/ pranayama, seven lectures on Yoga and Ayurveda and a personal consultation for each participant with naturopathy in Egypt.

April 1 - April 25, 2015 This course consists of twenty-two lessons of asana/ pranayama and three talks in rishikesh / egypt.