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International Yoga Academy International Yoga Academy International Yoga Academy
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Vision & Mission

International Yoga Academy,Trust ,Rishikesh is the only full-time, dedicated Hatha, Traditional ,Clinical yoga and Indian Yoga school in Rishikesh. For those of you who would like to deepen your practice, reach new levels safely, and explore the path of YOGA.

The aim of the school is to help students to safely develop a personal Yoga practice with which they can create new levels of strength, flexibility and balance of body and mind. Our commitment is to guide your discovery of your fullest potential in all aspects of our being, physical, psychological and spiritual. Center provided need student.


Our mission for International Yoga Academy is to be a true reflection of all that yoga is: vibrant, purposeful, meaningful, authentic, conscious, joyful, spiritual and transforming. In doing so, our aim is to serve our community by SHARING yoga, encouraging greater physical health and fulfilled spirits.

On a monthly basis, through donation and service, IYA, Trust contributes to the local Rishikesh community. International Yoga Academy is a Values-Based and Non Profit Business: Our business model relates directly to the practice of Yoga and reflects our values and our desire to create a healthy and sustainable world focused on the inter connectedness and one-ness of human kind.

our yoga center provided to help need poor students and unhealthy people to camps.