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Yoga Teacher Training

Are you ready to take your yoga practice to a deeper, more meaningful level or teach others about the wonderful benefits of classical yoga?

Teachers' Training Course (TTC) is available in many different countries around the world, and in a variety of languages. For TTC dates, locations and languages consult the schedule.

Teacher Training Program
The TTC is a unique, profoundly transforming and personal experience that is based on the ancient gurukula teaching system which integrates the student's daily life into the yoga training. For four intense weeks of centre living, students strenghthen their own yoga practice through self-discipline and awareness of the nature of mind, body and spirit. They also build a firm foundation from which to teach others instinctually and confidently.

The TTC provides a fantastic opportunity to awaken or deepen your yoga practice, meet old and new friends, and to be a part of the global yoga community which is growing each day. The best part of all is learning that everything we need is already within us and how the practices can lead us into accessing our gifts and beauty from the inside out. The experience provides a great way to find long lasting happiness, peace and the ability to share the yogic lifestyle with others.

Certificate/Diploma of the course receive internationally recognized certification. Certified by the worldwide Yoga Alliance or International yoga Academy, Trust (Indian Association of Yoga) for the 200 to 250 hours standard for Registered Yoga Schools (RYS) or IAOY and other university and Centre.For more details and practical information about the course see the TTC Curriculum.

100 Hour Yoga Training This is a beginner level yoga course, highly recommended if you have yoga group coming to India. We can redesign the course according your group level.
200 hr Hatha Yoga and Yoga Therapy Teacher Training 4 weeks Program for first series Hatha Yoga and Yoga Therapy. All level welcome. *
300 hr Hatha Yoga and Yoga Therapy Teacher Training 6 weeks Program for Hatha Yoga and Yoga Therapy second series. This program for those who have 200 hour certificate from any yoga school can join this program. *
500 hr Advance Yoga Teacher Training 10 weeks Program for Hatha Yoga and Yoga Therapy first and second series. All level welcome.*
Pranayama Teacher Training 3 weeks program, only for the yogis and yoginis who practice yoga for long time. *

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